Italian Language Training Classes In Mumbai

Italy lies at the top five economies in the world. Hence, most of the people are seeking to speak both Italian and English languages. An estimated 7,500 American companies do business with Italy and more than 1,000 U.S. companies which have a large number of offices over there.

Italian is the Romance language closest to Latin. Knowledge of Italian Language goes so far in helping one to understand its deeper concept which hold a large percentage of words of Latin derivation. Moreover, Italian language is also a scientific language which has also become a great advantage by students of the physical sciences and mathematics. Knowing Italian is greatly beneficial in several career fields with Italian Language Training Classes In Mumbai. It is the world leader in the culinary art, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design and even much more.

Why Learn Italian Language.?

Get Ahead at Work

Italian skills are the most beneficial especially to adopt careers in the domain of arts, design, archeology and cuisine. Italy ranges in one of the top most world’s economies, so many international companies appreciate the known linguistic skills of a person.

Italy is every human being’s favorite Travel Destination

According to Unesco, Italy consists of a large number of the historical sights in comparson with any other country, and 60 percent of the world’s art treasures.

Speak the Language of Love

Be the envy of anglophone friends as you chat up hot baristas with ease. Alternatively, you can brush up on your profanities and never be without a witty retort to any unwanted ‘ciao bella’s.

One of the Favorite destination of opportunities

Despite, the current economic situation, as per the concerns of the United Nations ranking as the worlds’ wealthiest countries, Italy is consistently ranking itself within the top ten countries and hence, makes itself an ideal country for overseas investment and international companies as well. Is is also looking for a constant staff with a command of their host country’s language.

Italy is the home for Fashion and Design

Italy is a hub of the fashion and design. Italian knowledge allows people to study the original work of renowned Italian designers like Versace, Gucci, Armani, Benetton, and Prada and may also find an employment at one of the world famous Italian fashion houses.

Course Structure

The process of teaching the language is organized so as to take care of the following objectives.

  • To understand the spoken language,
  • To speak in the language with apt accent and pronunciation.
  • To read letters and passages.
  • To read and understand web pages.
  • To write in the chosen language.

Basic Course Contents

• Introduction
• Alphabets
• Every day expressions
• Grammar
• Adverbs / Adjectives
• Prepositions
• Interrogatives
• Vocabulary Building

Intermediate Course Contents

• Gender
• Definite & Indefinite Articles
• Singular to Plurals
• Possessive Adjectives and Nouns
• This / That / Those etc
• Direct & Indirect Pronouns
• Change into Negatives

Tense’s – Regular / Irregular
• Present
• Past
• Continues
• Future
• Conditional
• Imperfect
There will be paragraphs to Read and Write from Italian to English or vice-verse.

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